Khatto Lot, Recipe


Recipe for
“Khatto Lot” (Indian Ugali)

Portuguese traders introduced maize to the Kenyan coastal region in the 19thCentury. Ugali is made from maize flour and is a popular Kenyan dish. This recipe gives ugali a spicy Indian flavour. Try it, a very quick, tasty and satisfying meal.

Maize Flour one bowl
Chaas (butter milk)
2 & half bowl
Sour & Thick
(If not sour can add lemon juice)
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder very little
Crusher ginger and green chillies
Cumin seeds 1 tsp heaped
(Roasted & Pounded)
One large onion cut into small pieces
Garlic cut into small pieces 2 tbsp

1- take maize flour, add 2 tbsp oil and mix well.
2 – take chaas in a bowl and mix with all ingredients.
3 – now add maize flour into chaas and mix well.
4 – put above mixture into a sauce and cook stirring continously
5 – when it becomes a bit thick reduce the heat but continue stirring.
6 – now it will become like soft ugali, add 2 tbsp oil and cover the sauce pan leave it on a “Very Low Heat” for 5 minutes.
7 – serve hot with sprinkling fresh coriander leaves
8 – eat with oil and red chilli powder.

Dish prepared by: Savita Rajani
Photo by: Narendra Rajani