of feathers and petals


Nearly 3 months ago Mummy left us, flew on to continue her journey in a different realm. I can’t understand how time has moved on and life fits into a “normal”, it almost feels unfair and for sure unreal. One moment all our lives were centred around her and literally the next moment she was gone.

Gone, just as she had wanted to leave. With a slight flick of her wrist, “This is how I want to go, just like that”, she always said with a smile. She knew.

She knew deep down, though at the very last minute she didn’t really realise what happened . It was all too fast, within a few seconds, everything was over, time out, the whistle had blown.

The whistle, so silent that only Mummy heard it, the secret whistle that Papa used to draw her attention and we would pretend we didn’t hear…

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